The Forgotten Faith

Last night Jen and I were talking about clearing out some of Evangeline’s old toys she doesn’t play with, and I mentioned that we need to do it at some point where Evangeline isn’t around to see us throw out or donate some of her toys because, as most parents know, throwing out children’s toys while in their presence is an uphill battle. Then it struck me how similar this sentiment is to our faith at times. When we first meet our Savior, He becomes the most important thing in our life. We take Him everywhere, we wear Him on our sleeve, we want everyone to witness our most recent discovery. Yet as time goes one we tend to forget Him at home, or leave him at church to meet with once a week. Suddenly He’s completely forgotten about until we have a chance encounter in the attic while walking down memory lane through the things we’ve packed away on our lives.

I know its not a perfect analogy, the difference between a forgotten toy and our Faith is that toys are vulnerable to age and can be broken when played with too hard. True faith should only get stronger with age and interaction and it is eternal, as nothing on earth can weaken or undermine it, yet we still treat it like we treat a new toy. Despite the vast differences in value and longevity of the two items in comparison, they both so often experience the same fate in the long run, and only on occasion see the light of day. So why does our faith so often become relegated to the emotion of sentiment rather than an aspect of our life that should influence our every thought, decision and action? How does something that was at one point so pivotal and important become worthless for the majority of our lives, and how do we avoid it?

At the moment, Evangeline has one toy in particular that she can’t live without. Its a little stuff sheep she has named “Lamby” (original, I know), but how did Lamby become so important to her? Its not a flashy toy, its not particularly huge, its simply a toy that she always keeps close by and has had in her bed every night since she was an infant. So it has remained relevant to her because it has remained present daily. What about our faith? Has it remained an aspect of our life that we interact with daily? Are we in God’s Word each day strengthening our faith, putting action behind our words and beliefs?

Are we fellowshipping weekly with other believers who share our faith? The Bible tells us not to forsake the assembly of believers (Heb. 10:25), but why is that? What is it about being around other believers that is important to our faith? I think about the annual events all across the globe that attract enthusiasts and hobbyists alike such as Comic-Con or WorldCon. If these people who are enthusiastic about a particular topic didn’t have friends or groups with similar interests they could meet up with, discuss with and learn from, their zeal for their particular area of interest would, I’m sure, be much diminished. Again not a perfect analogy, as these conventions often celebrate the temporal and sometimes ridiculous, however, the zeal and enthusiasm is often alike.

These days we often hear about how our religious freedoms are being trampled on and how we’re losing our right to practice our faith openly, but honestly the majority of people who are complaining about it sound like children complaining about parents throwing out toys they don’t use. Why should anyone care that you are not allowed to share your faith openly at your workplace, if you never do it anyway? Why is it a travesty that what is being said in the pulpit might come under government scrutiny, when you rarely even darken the doors of your church? And yes these things do matter, they are serious, but unless our faith is actually an important aspect in our lives they are simply the rantings of a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is something that Christians are often accused of, and it is absolutely poisonous to our testimony.

Keep your faith relevant by building on it daily, engage your local support weekly at church with other believers and you will be amazed at how impossible it will be to live without your faith. You will also notice how many people will see how much a part of you, your faith is and the doors to sharing your greatest gift will open.

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