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Narrow Gate – Wide Gate

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

While we were in Israel recently we were able to see the narrow gate that is mentioned in Matthew chapter 7 verse 14. It is indeed very small and not only narrow, but low. It was a small opening in a big gate, which was only opened to let one person through at a time to save opening the main gate. Much like in many big garages and workshops today, where there is a small gate for people and a larger one for the trucks or machinery to come through.
Although the story of the narrow gate and the wide gate was familiar to me, I did not realize just how small these gates were. You could not have entered that gate with a cumbersome load. It would have been impossible to get in to the city without unloading your burden. Because of how narrow it is as well as not tall, even luggage carried by your side would not have made it through. This was a good example for Jesus to use as the people of the day would have been very familiar with the difficulties associated with entering into the small gate, as well as with the ease of going in through the wide open main gate, if and when it was open.
By using this illustration for those who are ready to accept a walk with Christ and a journey to Heaven with Him, Jesus was talking of the burdens we have to lay down before we can embark on this journey. He gave many examples in the Bible of people who wanted to come to Him but were prevented by the baggage they carried. The rich young ruler in Matthew chapter 19 had too many possessions which he did not want to part with. At that time he thought he could not live without them. It may not be possessions which keep you from trusting Him, but it could be priorities – wanting your agenda before His, passions – your desires and dreams need to be fulfilled, or pride – egotism and ambition. Some believe they have a privileged position having been brought up in the church just like the Jews who thought they had priority in God’s eyes no matter what they did. Others carry wounds of the past and are not willing to hand these over. There were some tall people in our group and some more muscular built. It made no difference. Some had to bend lower to get through while others had to stand sideways. Doesn’t matter how heavy your load, it had to be put down. There are no special ways to get through the gate, all go the one way and every burden needs to be unloaded to step in through the narrow gate. I know, I physically went through the gate a few weeks ago and that was interesting, but I have never regretted having gone through it spiritually over 40 years ago.
God offers only two ways, the way of blessing or the way of the curse: the way of life or the way of death. You can’t climb over it, or go around it. You can wait till the large gate has to be opened for deliveries to get in but much time could elapse and we are only promised the time we have now on this earth and waiting may be too late. When we are willing to humble ourselves, drop the burden and walk through the gate, He will give us the power to pick up the burden again on the other side and carry it in a whole new way. More importantly, He gives us His presence.
Some of the baggage, He carries for us while we walk along, and others He helps us carry. The burden of sin doesn’t ever have to be lifted again, He has dealt with it, it will never be remembered anymore, so need not be carried. What a promise! He gives us the joy, power and strength to carry the problems He knows we together can cope with. He paid the price, He made the way and in the really tough times, He will carry us!!!
When we take the step, we won’t ever want to be on the other side of the gate again, even though the narrow road is not easy to walk and the broad road is much easier, when we have the peace that passes all understanding, the power of the Holy spirit and the Fellowship of the Lord Jesus, we can continue along the path till we reach the wide open heavenly gate.
I was glad to see the actual illustration from the Bible before me, helping me understand what the people Jesus was talking to were seeing. It gets exciting to realise how Jesus used illustrations of everyday things to talk to everyday people, and we who are believers can use our everyday lives to reach out to the many, who have not yet taken the way through the narrow gate to eternal life.

Ever Notice, He does all the Work?

Monday, June 28th, 2010

‘You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.’ Psalm 23 v 5
It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord Jesus serves. In the upper room, He washed the disciples’ feet symbolizing not only service but also forgiveness. It is definitely necessary for us to see the fact that He, who should have been served was serving the disciples. Normally, the lady who was present in the home would bring round a bowl for those about to eat at the table to wash their fingers in. (This practice is still symbolized at the Passover meal today by the washing of the fingers). However, Jesus took it a step further by washing the feet, showing our need to go the second mile in our service to others.
However, the discussion with Peter is included to show us another reason for the feet washing. Peter was not keen on having Jesus wash his feet,(most likely realizing that they had failed to notice the opportunity to serve each other), but on finding out it was a necessity, He suddenly wanted not only his feet washed, but all of him. When Jesus pointed out that Peter was clean all but his feet, He was making clear that because Peter believed, therefore he was saved, and He was in essence ‘cleansed. Since feet get dusty and dirty with walking on roads, so Peter in his daily life would be in continual need of feet cleansing from sin and failure and continually need forgiveness from the Lord. In His willingness to wash Peter’s feet, He was showing us how willing He is to cleanse and forgive us.
Even when it was necessary to get ready for Passover, it was Jesus who booked the room and made the preparations. Yes, He serves at every possible opportunity. He takes the first steps toward us every time we fail, fear or when we don’t feel adequate for the task. As we look at this verse in Psalm 23 we see that when all around our enemies are against us, Jesus is preparing a feast for us. Can you imagine it? We are sitting at a table, which our Blessed Lord has prepared for us and all around us enemies are seething because they can’t harm us. The table is laden with all good things and the enemies are salivating as they watch us eat. That knowledge is enough to help us through a tough day, to make us want to serve Him better, too exciting not to tell others about and strengthening and encouraging for whatever lies ahead.
As we look for opportunities to serve Him today, remember, what He does for us. When we face enemies of danger, addiction, weakness, or temptation, feast from the table of provision He has made. He has given us the Holy Spirit as comforter, companion and guide. He has promised never to leave us or forsake us. He has promised that ‘when we pass through the waters, He is with us. He will forgive our shortcomings, our lack of faith and give us peace in the midst of all the trouble the evil one can cause.

Servant Leadership

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Today we decided to visit Blue Ridge Community Church, because its Fathers Day, and my Father-In-Law is involved in music at the church. While pulling into the parking lot we were guided into our space by a parking attendant in a bright yellow jacket and hat. Thinking to myself that this would be a miserable service to volunteer for in the 95 degree Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) weather, I got out of the car and looked up to notice that the man who had directed us to our spot was actually Woody, the senior pastor of the church. It took me by surprise at first, and then I thought he must be really dedicated to be working the parking lot and then planning on going to preach, what a committed guy! When we got inside and were seated for the service we found out that the senior pastor would not be speaking today, the message was going to be brought by someone else, and that struck me even deeper. This Sunday would have been Woody’s “day off” he didn’t have to preach, the responsibility for giving the message wasn’t on his shoulders so he could have just coasted through the day and enjoyed church, but instead he was sweating out in the parking lot with the rest. Then I realized that instead of taking his role of pastor and shepherd of the church as a “job” he viewed it as a service, and if he wasn’t going to be serving today in the pulpit, he was going to be serving elsewhere, wherever he was needed… even if it meant getting sweaty and dirty. How often have you seen your senior pastor directing traffic in order to help people get into church?

To me this spoke to me profoundly on this Fathers Day because it was a fantastic example of what a leader should be. Someone who takes his role as leadership role as an opportunity to serve, and as father’s we have that privilege daily. Its so easy to think that the weekend is our “days off” because we’ve spent all week working to provide for our family, but the weekend is a wonderful time to practice that servant leadership and to perform the duties that could be seen as menial or small (cleaning, cooking, etc…), but are necessary to keep the daily tasks manageable for the family as a whole. Thank you pastor Woody for the reminder and Happy Fathers Day!

A Desert Place

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Having just returned from a trip to Israel, I have so many thoughts and impressions which I have to contemplate, process and digest. In the few days we were there we went from one end of the country to the other and of course each place left a lasting impression.

One of the memories I have was of the Negev desert and the wilderness of Zin. Before going, I was told of its beauty, the wonderful hues and shades which change with the sunlight. However, although all that is true, I had some very different impressions while there, and it left me with fearsome memories. I was struck by the total barrenness of the area. Miles and miles of rocky, sandy land with no water to be seen, except in the few wadis (waterholes) which are few and far between. Not only were there no trees or plant life, but I was struck by the fact that so little wildlife is there. A few Ibex (mountain goats) and very little else.

Thinking back to the Children of Israel, how awful would it be to be wandering in the desert for 40 years and to know nothing else? How terrible to be lost in it! Each area looks the same and without direction one could easily become lost.

At night, the desert is pitch black and very warm, not cooling down much from the daytime. It gives the impression of a black, heavy blanket being thrown over your head, causing a claustrophobic effect. When a breeze does stir up it is a warm wind and the biggest effect it has is to fill your eyes, nose ears and even mouth (if you don’t shut it), with sand.

The Hebrew children were in the wilderness 40 years because of disobedience. How sad! But it is a perfect example of how much we miss when we don’t obey our Lord’s commands or follow in His Will. When we deliberately disobey, we deny ourselves so much of the refreshment of God’s presence and our lives become barren and empty, just like the desert. Not only that, but others are not refreshed or blessed by His spirit flowing through us and therefore lives are not touched for His Glory.

Thankfully, if we have known what it is to walk daily in His presence, we will soon realize how miserable we are in this ‘wilderness’ state and come back to the Lord for forgiveness and renewal. But for those who continue to walk without Christ, they know nothing else but the desert. Some of the Hebrew children were born in the desert and knew nothing but the desert, not realizing the reason for their misery.

We had a pleasant grill in the desert one night with an explanation of the Gospel from the stars, but even then I was thankful for the other team members and glad to get back to civilization at the end of the evening.

Arriving back in fertile area, the green seemed greener, the water more clear and it was like a feast of refreshment for my eyes to see colors other then shades of brown/beige. This reminded me of the blessing of the Holy Spirit in our lives, making our lives fruitful for the Kingdom of God.

The experience left me with the reminder that there is no better place to be than close to the Lord and living in his perfect Will. If you have gotten into a wilderness place, don’t stay. Ask Him to forgive you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. If you don’t know Jesus as your Saviour, He will forgive your sins and bring you out from the desert place if you ask Him to. He says in John 4 v14, ‘Whoever drinks of the water which I will give him will never thirst, but the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain springing up into everlasting life.’

Add to Your Faith

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

At first glance this statement might seem like heresy. After all, God has done it all. Through grace and grace alone we have our salvation provided for us by Jesus death and resurrection. It is His Holy Spirit who makes us holy and blameless before God. It is only through Him we have peace and assurance, so how can we add to our faith?

This is a Bible verse found in 2 Peter 1:5 where it says, ‘Add to your faith virtue.’ What is virtue? The dictionary defines virtue as an ‘admirable quality’ or a ‘good habit.’ So what is this verse saying? Simply this: practice good habits. Habits are learned. We are not born with the habit of dressing ourselves. It is a learned habit and becomes second nature to us. After we become Christians and are still babes in Christ, we have to learn good habits, from the Bible, from other believers and from our consciences. God will not clothe us with good habits or character. He will urge us to learn, but he will not force His will on us. We have to take the initiative to learn.

‘And to virtue knowledge’ v6 is the next part of the process. He wants us to be continually learning these habits that they become part of what we really know well. This is what we call character building.

Next in line to knowledge comes ‘self-control’. Thankfully we are not expected to have the self-control until we have the good habit and the knowledge. Before that it would be difficult to have self-control when we don’t know what we are doing. We don’t expect a child to have dry diapers until they have leaned the good habit of being toilet trained. When we are sure they know what we they are meant to do we expect them to show self control.

‘To self-control, perseverance’. Here is where it begins to hurt! How do we get perseverance except we have trials! None of us like trials and testing but the end result is perseverance and this is character building indeed. ‘Perseverance through tribulation works patience’ and how important it is for us to be patient and wait on what God has for us. You may be patiently waiting on God to save a close family member, while He is allowing you to build character that you will be a better example of Jesus Christ to them.

‘To perseverance, Godliness.’ Wow! finally, these are the kind of habits and virtues He wants to build into our character till we become more like Him and more useful for the extension of His Kingdom. Salvation is a free gift, the Holy Spirit to help is free, the privilege of prayer is free too, but the initiative to be willing to build character has to come from us. I sometimes notice people who come through trials and tribulations shining bright, while so often I go through the same thing and just be relieved to be through it! Well, that is how it is! The attitude of perseverance and patience if shown will allow character to build and make us more like Jesus in our actions and reactions. If we did not learn that habit we can’t move on to the next and isn’t godliness one of the habits we all want to be seen in us! !

Patiently Waiting!!

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

These past months have required that I in many ways ‘be patient’. I am not fond of being 'a patient' and not being able to do for myself, and I am certainly not patient by nature!! Having gotten through the months of pain, casts and airboots, I somehow figured that after a couple of weeks of physio, things would be close to normal and I could do all the usual activities. But that is not what I was taught as a nurse or what I had conveyed to others in similar situations, so why did I expect it to happen like that?
One thing I have realized is that it is not getting through an experience which makes it a valuable life lesson, but it is how you come through it and what you learn from it. I don’t personally think I have learned to be patient through this experience, but I have realized a few things. I can empathize much better with those who have to be in wheelchairs. It is so unbelievably hard to reach up to shelves and worktops etc from a wheelchair. So often you need the help of someone else to get things.
I realize that there is ‘no gain without pain’ in the area of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. A definite amount of determination and stamina is required to be able to continually hurt yourself with the goal of getting healthier! This is where I am at the moment in this process, and believe me, I am still impatient to see quicker results!
In our Spiritual lives, every experience we go through can be seen in this way! Sometimes we go through an experience and come no better out the other end, while at other times depending on our reaction we can learn from it. If we are willing to take each day as it comes, trusting the Lord to use us because of what has happened we can be sure He will. If we firmly believe that nothing can happen to us which is not according to His divine and Perfect Will, then He can use us in every situation He allows us to be in!
Why do some people who are very sincere believers go through periods of doubt or depression? Could it be to help those who suffer from these ailments? If that is the experience you are in at the moment, hang on in there, He has allowed it for a purpose and will use you in the lives of others for His glory if you allow Him to. How much easier it is to accept advice from a person who has been through the same experience as you and knows exactly how you feel.
If you are not in any situation you would rather not be in at the moment, don’t judge those who are or their reaction. Chances are you will go through some stuff someday and be called upon to come through not somehow but triumphantly. Dr, Harold Willmington often said, ‘Believers are either in trouble, coming out of trouble or about to get into trouble!’ How do folks manage, without Christ to lead them through?
As I grit my teeth each day to the pain of trying to mobilize this ankle joint, or at the fact that it takes so long to do what I used to be able to do in a half the time, I have to remind myself continually that it has been allowed for a purpose in my helping others along the way, and in that case, it is worth it.
I have had more time to read and pray for people who need it, more time to concentrate on the needs of so many of our friends. I have time to reflect on the events which have passed and recognize why they happened as they did. How important it is to pray for those struggling to come to terms with health issues, who need that special touch of our Heavenly Father, and not only that they will be made healthy, but made whole, having learned that no experience is wasted if God allows it to happen to you.
And maybe also, just maybe, I could become a little more patient after all!


A life of Service

Friday, March 12th, 2010

This week Derek Bingham, a Northern Irish bible teacher and author went to be with the Lord after a year long battle with Leukemia. For him the battle is over and the effect he left behind with all his teachings and books will live on for many years. He finished well and is now happier than ever before, having reached the goal and brought many souls to Christ along the way.
We send deepest sympathies to his wife and family and know the lord will bring comfort and solace to their hearts. But again we need to take a look at the example we are leaving behind. Who will remember we existed a year after we leave this earth? More importantly, who will be in Heaven because we told them about Jesus or helped them in some other way to find Him?
Children are often asked in school to write down a few words which characterize their parents and what they say can be amusing. I remember, our son Bryan telling us that all the kids in school were asked to say what jobs their fathers did. I know nowadays that question would be politically incorrect as half the kids don’t know their dad’s and of those who do half the fathers have no work! But in those days it was still a valid question.
Bryan was a bit upset and when we asked the cause, he said it was unfair that all the other dads were truck drivers, mechanics, even a doctor and a racing driver. Still we did not see the problem until we asked what profession he had chosen for his dad and he replied, ‘I told them Dad preached at people and stuck stuff with Superglue!’ Bryan obviously did not see that as a glamorous profession at that point in his life!
We had a good laugh at that before explaining to Bryan that his dad had the most important job there is, to be an Ambassador for Jesus Christ and have the privilege of bringing other people to Jesus to be healed, forgiven and made ready to live in the heavenly Kingdom. (He did also do many repairs on homes, toys etc and was often seen with duct tape or superglue to do the job).
While Derek Bingham was known to many, will be remembered for a long time and obviously loved His job of serving the Master, there are believers who have spent their lives quietly witnessing for Jesus, selflessly giving to missionaries and believingly praying for those in the forefront of the battle. Although these folks will possibly not be remembered by many on this earth, they have built up their treasure in Heaven and will reap their reward when the Lord tells them they did their job well. We are aware of many who remember us daily before the throne and know the feeling of being upheld in prayer as we partner with them in spreading the Good News.
As believers, we should be telling and showing others the way to Jesus first and foremost in our lives and everything else will fall into perspective, as we realize that ‘only what is done for Jesus will last.’ Recently we met a man who buys Bibles with any extra money he has and he gives them away to people he meets. You think that is not spectacular, but he is not even a Christian. He began reading the Bible and found so much good stuff in it, he decided to share this happiness with others and give out as many as possible. Do we as believers have such a willingness to share or even give literature to those who need to hear? I think we would do more if we realized the importance not only of the legacy we leave behind, but the fact that we bring our treasures with us to share in our heavenly home. Ask the Lord to help you see opportunities this week, to prepare the hearts of the people and then in His Strength speak for Him. You will be amazed how needy people are and how open to the Gospel.

Oh, to be like Him!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

My mother was looking at my son Jon Marc on Skype recently. She was thrilled to be able to talk to him, and even more excited to be able to see him on web-cam, Mum has not seen Jon Marc or Jennifer since their 2006 wedding so it has been a while. It was an obvious thrill for her to see their daughter Evangeline on screen and she remarked on how cute and adorable Evangeline is. Great grandmothers are even more excitable than grandparents, if you can believe that!
But long after the conversation with Jon Marc was over, Mum just kept talking about how like my father he looked. Jon Marc has always had a similarity to my Dad but as he gets older he becomes even more like Dad as we remember him. Since Dad passed on a few years ago and Mum still misses him, she was delighted to see just how like his granddad Jon Marc had become. Somehow it gave her a great lift to see that the older Jon Marc gets, the more he looks like my Dad did at that particular age.
In Ephesians 5:1 we are encouraged to become more like Christ by ‘becoming imitators of God.’ Would it not be the best compliment we could be given to be told we are like Jesus?
Obviously, Jon Marc resembles my Dad because of his genetic make-up and he can’t do much to change that! But in reality, at least before salvation we can’t do much to change ourselves either, but be willing to allow Him to change us.
From that moment onwards, the more we learn about Him and from Him the more likely it is that we become like Him. Ephesians 4:32, ‘Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.’ Luke 6:36 ‘Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.’ As we show mercy, kindness and tenderness, we will be known by these fruits of the Spirit evident in our lives. So often we forget what He took us from and how much we have been forgiven when we are judging others!
Due to our mission work, Jon Marc did not have as much time to spend with his grandparents as most kids do, meaning that he had not the same opportunity to ‘imitate’ his grandfather, but for us as believers, we do not have the excuse of geographical distance. If we are not as like the Lord as we should be, we can alter that by spending more time with Him! As we learn more about Him through the Word, through prayer and fellowship with others of like mind, we can learn how to become like Him.
If it is exciting for us as parents to see traits and similarities of our parents in our children, then I imagine when we are told in so many verses to become like Christ, it must also bring joy to the Lord when others can see Christ in us. This hymn by Wm Kirkpatrick, words by F.O. Chisholm and can be found on FAVORITES gospel songs #5, sums up the longing we have in our hearts.
Oh! to be like Thee, blessed Redeemer,
This is my constant longing and prayer;
Gladly I’ll forfeit all of earth’s treasures,
Jesus, Thy perfect likeness to wear.

Oh! to be like Thee, oh! to be like Thee,
Blessed Redeemer, pure as Thou art;
Come in Thy sweetness, come in Thy fullness;
Stamp Thine own image deep on my heart.

Oh! to be like Thee, full of compassion,
Loving, forgiving, tender and kind,
Helping the helpless, cheering the fainting,
Seeking the wand’ring sinner to find.

Oh! to be like Thee, lowly in spirit,
Holy and harmless, patient and brave;
Meekly enduring cruel reproaches,
Willing to suffer, others to save.

Oh! to be like Thee, Lord, I am coming,
Now to receive th’ anointing divine;
All that I am and have I am bringing,
Lord, from this moment all shall be Thine.

Oh! to be like Thee, while I am pleading,
Pour out Thy Spirit, fill with Thy love,
Make me a temple meet for Thy dwelling,
Fit me for life and Heaven above.

Too Good not to Share it!

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Recently, David had a fall and hit his nose on the edge of a wooden rail. Ouch, it was a pretty sore bang, but it did save him hitting his face full on and damaging either an eye or a cheekbone. So he told the congregation in the next meeting that, because of his built in crumple zone, his face was saved a lot more damage. They all agreed and had a good laugh with us.
Bu there is a far more serious side to the crumple zone. It was discovered first by the motor company Mercedes and eventually other car manufacturers were told of the discovery and used it in their products. When asked about it, Mercedes said, ‘Of course we had to share this news as it can save lives and was therefore too good not to share!’
If they had not been willing to share the news, how many more people would have been killed? In fact, only those who owned Mercedes would have had this protection in the event of an accident!
As Christians, we have made a great discovery which saves our lives and our souls. Others from other religions, those with no belief or who have not realised the soul-saving, life-giving power is there, because Jesus died for everyone and wants to have a relationship with us, need to hear our news. It is too good not to share with everyone! I Peter 3:15 ….’Always, be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks a reason for the hope that is in you.’
Share it simply like the Mercedes people did and soon others will be excited and run with the news as well. Don’t save the news only for family and friends, share it with those you meet along the way. Ask the Lord to open up the opportunities and to give you words to say. You have news that will certainly save souls and the earlier people hear it, the earlier it will change and save their lives as well.
If you have not yet trusted in the Lord and asked Him to forgive your sins and save your soul, I encourage you to do it now! I want to share the news with you that you can experience the help of the Lord through life and the assurance of eternal life. Read John chapter 3:16, ‘God so loved the World that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ Tell Jesus you believe in Him, ask Him to forgive your sins and take over the reins of your life. He wants to and He will do it!
That is quite the crumple zone and certainly too good news not to share!!!


‘I am the Lord, I change not!’ Malachi 3:6

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

This verse has been precious to me especially over the past month.
I am one of these folk who must be organized and know what and where I am going. I had spent hours on the internet working out our travel plans for coming home and for the various visits we had to make. I was a little apprehensive that the timing may have been off and we might miss a boat or plane. But as we crossed the Continent it seemed all the plans were taking shape as I imagined and any fears I had were unfounded. Arriving at Dover, we were asked would we like to take an earlier boat at no extra cost! This was amazing and would mean much less of a rush at the other end.
We arrived close to the airport in plenty of time and I decided to pick up a card for a birthday. Then it happened! In seconds, the plans I had made so carefully over many days were changed and suddenly God’s plans and our plans were not in agreement. I slipped on ice and was rushed off to hospital for surgery on a nasty broken ankle. The expected flight to Ireland left without David and it all seemed like such a waste! At first, I tried to make all the already agreed plans work out, until I finally accepted that it was out of my control.
For me, it is not easy to relinquish that control and see His new plan to be the better one! Why did He allow me to book the flights if we were never going to make it? What else of the planned program would have to be changed? But the more I asked, the more the Lord assured me of the above verse and of the fact that ‘His ways are Higher than ours!’ I can’t describe to you the perfect peace to learn to rest and to lean on Him so completely. I believed, I was already totally dependent on Him for my everyday existence, and what else is there? But no, He wanted me to learn that He still holds the reins and has the better plan for me.
There have been many changes and alterations in plans over these past weeks and I have no doubt there are more ahead!! However, there have been people we met and have spoken to that we never would have known under normal circumstances. Gospel booklets, tracts and witnessing have been placed in situations where the good news badly needed to be heard. Friendships have been made which will not be easily forgotten. And I have seen God’s Personal Plan for me unfurl.
I don’t believe God caused this to fulfill His plan, but I know, He permitted it for the purpose of bringing us to others, of showing us His Power, continued love & care. Only eternity will show how precious needy souls are to Him that He will orchestrate an opportunity for them to hear the gospel. Personally, I see His gracious hand in that I was on British soil and did not have to battle with a foreign hospital, good surgery was performed and there were Doctors and nurses available to do the work. Christmas time with family was different than anticipated, but special too and the lessons being learned, continue daily.
When did you last have to remember to ask for His help before carrying out a simple daily task, as the logistics were challenging? Many of His people in other parts of the world have to do exactly that on a daily basis to survive. Our hearts, and whatever assistance we can give, go out to the many who are suffering in Haiti today and I am sure those who love the Lord are pleading with Him for understanding of that situation. Our finite minds can’t understand, but we can pray that in spite of the circumstances many survivors will respond to the Gospel as it is shared by helpers and other believers! He is the Lord, He does not change, His ways are higher, but He has a plan for each of us!