Striving for goals and using time wisely!

Another busy week on the house but the outside plastering is complete and we are very glad about that. Amazing, all the ideas of what you will do or feel you should be doing when you are working at something like this, and yet amazingly, when it is finished you feel a bit disorientated and don’t quite know what to do next. I find it strange every time workers leave, to cook again for only the two of us and take a while to adjust to the next task ahead.

Still it is getting there slowly, and as long as we keep the goal ahead of us and realize the people who can learn about the Bible, and experience a relationship with Jesus through this project, it goes fine and in His time.

I often fret about time, wondering if I am using it in the best possible way! For instance, when I finish a team project and then try to decide what is the next priority, but God’s plans and time schedules are often not ours. He sees the tasks that take so long as opportunities to get to know neighbours, to connect with needy souls, when I so often want it done!

He also wants us to have some downtime, to reflect, to recuperate and recharge batteries. But so often we have a million things more important to us. It is good to learn to rest in Him, listen to His voice and get things done in his Perfect time. His Grace is for every situation but we need to take time to draw on His Power for the days ahead! Not only for ourselves, but there are others out in the battle relying on our prayer, we need to take the time for that. There are family and friends not in the kingdom and we must make them also serious matters for prayer as this precious time is short!

Enjoy the weekend and keep close to Jesus! ‘Redeeming the Time because the days are evil.’ Ephesians 5:16

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