Designed for Fellowship!

During this past week, all our boys and their families have been traveling on vacation in the US, therefore were pretty much out of contact by email or other means. Since our boys all live in the US and we don”t often have direct contact, you would think it would make little difference to us where exactly they were in the US. We were just as busy as usual, yet for both of us the lack of that email or instant message contact left a gaping hole in our lives this past week. I don”t grudge them their holidays, they all need and deserve them, but it was strange to us to feel this way.

At first, I thought it was concern for their safety I was feeling, as they traveled so many miles on the road, but as I left each one with the Lord daily, I finally realized it was the contact we were missing. Naturally, this got me thinking!

How often do we do exactly that with God? We go on “vacation” so to speak, in our relationship with Him. Times, when we decide it is not necessary to talk and spend time with Him. Things are going well, He knows where I am and all about me, so we don”t communicate. We do not have Fellowship with Him, “cos we do not need anything in particular.

I wonder, would I have missed the emails etc from our boys if they had only previously contacted me when they had needs or wanted something from me? Probably not! I would have been thankful for the break! Likewise, if I only ever come to God with my list of needs and desires (even if these are all legitimate), that is not fellowship with God. He wants us to share our day with Him, the good and the rough.

Man was created for fellowship and each of us are set in families to continue that process. But so often we deny the Lord that fellowship with us. I know He misses, talking and sharing with us when we are on “vacation” for whatever reason. Is it not a wonderful thought that the God of the Universe, would actually miss having a conversation with me? But it is also a saddening thought when I think of how often I forget that or do not take the time.

He also wants us to listen to what He has to tell us that we can know more about Him and enjoy each other even more. The Shorter Catechism says, “Man”s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him for ever.” We are made in His image, and amazing though it may seem, He also gets enjoyment from being with us and in doing so we glorify Him.

Everyone is home now, having had an enjoyable, restful time and back into everyday life. Emailing etc has resumed, but I trust I remember the lesson of this past week and fellowship with my Saviour regularly.

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