God”s Work ‚Äì God”s Way ‚Äì God”s Time

Doesn”t it give us a special thrill to see God doing his own work, through us? Sometimes without much effort of my own, I feel God working things out for His Glory.

This month I had an aunt go on to meet her Savior. This lady loved Jesus, told others about Him and effused the Gospel to people with her life. I have no doubt that today she is enthusing over Heaven and all that she experiences there, and especially over Her Savior, whom she has finally met face to face. She was faithful to Him in every possible way in her life. I will miss her, especially as a prayer partner, but yet I rejoice that she is already there and I am going to be there with her some day.

In the intervening time, we serve as best we know, we reach people every day and influence them one way or another. But there are times (and this week was one of those times) when you just know God has a heart prepared or a situation worked out already, and all you are required to do is be in the right place and watch and learn!

We were approached by a man who wanted to help us with a translation problem. On meeting us, he told us he knew before leaving home that this was going to be a special day but he was not sure why. Now not many people feel that way about having to help us make ourselves understood, so we were a bit surprised!!!

As we talked, he asked us where we were from and, inevitably, if we were on holidays. So we told him that we were missionaries and we had come to live close by. He immediately wanted clarification as to what a missionary was and what we did. So we explained and he got very excited. “I knew this was a special day”, he declared, “and now I know why!”

With his wife, he had begun reading the Bible every day. They were learning a lot but still did not really understand much of what they were reading. Recently, a few friends were gathering together on a Monday night to study the Word in his home, but they had no one to explain the Scriptures. Does that remind you of anyone?

In Acts 8: 26-36, Phillip met with the Ethiopian man and was asked to tell him what the Scriptures were trying to say. This man asked if we could come along and help them understand. What an opportunity for us! What a hunger for God they have to be searching the scriptures alone! God has already prepared their hearts! He is doing His work His Way and giving us the joy of going along.

In another situation, we have a major prayer request set out before God. He has opened a door and we are willing to walk through it. But, so far we wait for Him to work out the details, in His time. This is, of course, much harder to do. As we get impatient to be doing, we try to find ways round the waiting, but sometimes what is required of us is simply to wait.

I am so glad God gave us the privilege of the first instance before He asked us to wait in the second instance, as it means we can look back and remember in the not so distant past, what He did while we just stood back and watched.

Each of these experiences are special times when you know His clear leading, but the time of waiting is not as easy, yet it is what produces patience and perseverance in our character. Be encouraged, “our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of Glory.” 2 Corinthians 4:17.

Hang on in there! He has it worked out!


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