A life of Service

This week Derek Bingham, a Northern Irish bible teacher and author went to be with the Lord after a year long battle with Leukemia. For him the battle is over and the effect he left behind with all his teachings and books will live on for many years. He finished well and is now happier than ever before, having reached the goal and brought many souls to Christ along the way.
We send deepest sympathies to his wife and family and know the lord will bring comfort and solace to their hearts. But again we need to take a look at the example we are leaving behind. Who will remember we existed a year after we leave this earth? More importantly, who will be in Heaven because we told them about Jesus or helped them in some other way to find Him?
Children are often asked in school to write down a few words which characterize their parents and what they say can be amusing. I remember, our son Bryan telling us that all the kids in school were asked to say what jobs their fathers did. I know nowadays that question would be politically incorrect as half the kids don”t know their dad”s and of those who do half the fathers have no work! But in those days it was still a valid question.
Bryan was a bit upset and when we asked the cause, he said it was unfair that all the other dads were truck drivers, mechanics, even a doctor and a racing driver. Still we did not see the problem until we asked what profession he had chosen for his dad and he replied, “I told them Dad preached at people and stuck stuff with Superglue!” Bryan obviously did not see that as a glamorous profession at that point in his life!
We had a good laugh at that before explaining to Bryan that his dad had the most important job there is, to be an Ambassador for Jesus Christ and have the privilege of bringing other people to Jesus to be healed, forgiven and made ready to live in the heavenly Kingdom. (He did also do many repairs on homes, toys etc and was often seen with duct tape or superglue to do the job).
While Derek Bingham was known to many, will be remembered for a long time and obviously loved His job of serving the Master, there are believers who have spent their lives quietly witnessing for Jesus, selflessly giving to missionaries and believingly praying for those in the forefront of the battle. Although these folks will possibly not be remembered by many on this earth, they have built up their treasure in Heaven and will reap their reward when the Lord tells them they did their job well. We are aware of many who remember us daily before the throne and know the feeling of being upheld in prayer as we partner with them in spreading the Good News.
As believers, we should be telling and showing others the way to Jesus first and foremost in our lives and everything else will fall into perspective, as we realize that “only what is done for Jesus will last.” Recently we met a man who buys Bibles with any extra money he has and he gives them away to people he meets. You think that is not spectacular, but he is not even a Christian. He began reading the Bible and found so much good stuff in it, he decided to share this happiness with others and give out as many as possible. Do we as believers have such a willingness to share or even give literature to those who need to hear? I think we would do more if we realized the importance not only of the legacy we leave behind, but the fact that we bring our treasures with us to share in our heavenly home. Ask the Lord to help you see opportunities this week, to prepare the hearts of the people and then in His Strength speak for Him. You will be amazed how needy people are and how open to the Gospel.

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