Ever Notice, He does all the Work?

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” Psalm 23 v 5
It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord Jesus serves. In the upper room, He washed the disciples” feet symbolizing not only service but also forgiveness. It is definitely necessary for us to see the fact that He, who should have been served was serving the disciples. Normally, the lady who was present in the home would bring round a bowl for those about to eat at the table to wash their fingers in. (This practice is still symbolized at the Passover meal today by the washing of the fingers). However, Jesus took it a step further by washing the feet, showing our need to go the second mile in our service to others.
However, the discussion with Peter is included to show us another reason for the feet washing. Peter was not keen on having Jesus wash his feet,(most likely realizing that they had failed to notice the opportunity to serve each other), but on finding out it was a necessity, He suddenly wanted not only his feet washed, but all of him. When Jesus pointed out that Peter was clean all but his feet, He was making clear that because Peter believed, therefore he was saved, and He was in essence “cleansed. Since feet get dusty and dirty with walking on roads, so Peter in his daily life would be in continual need of feet cleansing from sin and failure and continually need forgiveness from the Lord. In His willingness to wash Peter”s feet, He was showing us how willing He is to cleanse and forgive us.
Even when it was necessary to get ready for Passover, it was Jesus who booked the room and made the preparations. Yes, He serves at every possible opportunity. He takes the first steps toward us every time we fail, fear or when we don”t feel adequate for the task. As we look at this verse in Psalm 23 we see that when all around our enemies are against us, Jesus is preparing a feast for us. Can you imagine it? We are sitting at a table, which our Blessed Lord has prepared for us and all around us enemies are seething because they can”t harm us. The table is laden with all good things and the enemies are salivating as they watch us eat. That knowledge is enough to help us through a tough day, to make us want to serve Him better, too exciting not to tell others about and strengthening and encouraging for whatever lies ahead.
As we look for opportunities to serve Him today, remember, what He does for us. When we face enemies of danger, addiction, weakness, or temptation, feast from the table of provision He has made. He has given us the Holy Spirit as comforter, companion and guide. He has promised never to leave us or forsake us. He has promised that “when we pass through the waters, He is with us. He will forgive our shortcomings, our lack of faith and give us peace in the midst of all the trouble the evil one can cause.

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