Reading through the Psalms

Because of needing to take time to exercise my foot, we recently put up a walking machine for me to use. It helps there is no doubt but after a few days, it got very boring watching the seconds pass on this machine and thinking of the many things I still had to do and could be doing if I did not have to do this exercise! So I decided to read through the Psalms while I was walking and it has made it much more interesting.
I began to notice the many emotions David puts forth in his songs. He ranges from being as high as a kite to being in the depths of despair, and all that can happen inside one Psalm!! It is easy to see why God led David to write these Psalms as they can be of use to us in every area of our lives, whether we need rebuke, encouragement, a lesson on pride or to learn how to worship.
David experienced situations in his life when he was elevated to a high place, down in the deepest depths, bravely facing an enemy, running scared, honoring God in every way, being involved in murder and deceit, sometimes in the wrong place at the right time and other times in the right place at the wrong time! He had the experience to be able to write these truths that we can then receive so much blessing through.
David was not always right, in fact he sinned grievously and yet He went to God with that sin and sorrow. Like us all, he was sometimes scared like when he had to flee for his life, but he brought that to God also. His marriage was a disaster, he suffered severe grief, and insult, at times God was his only companion. It is not likely that we will have to suffer all David suffered or sin as David sinned, but the openness he has in expressing what He feels to his God shows us a lot about his character and God”s love for us.
God wants us to be open and honest with Him in private. He wants us to tell Him exactly how we feel, and just as we are called to worship and adore Him with our words and songs, we can also tell Him how we honestly feel when things are tough. He knows it anyway, why are we so reluctant to acknowledge our need.
Look at the number of Psalms where David starts out fearful or pleading to God for help, rest or protection and by the end he is praising the Lord for the answer to his prayer. Worshipping the King who is our Salvation!
It takes courage to be open about our feelings, but if David hadn”t been so willing to open up, we would not have the books of Psalms to glean from.
Read the Psalms again, take note of the different emotions and situations and how God saved, rescued and protected. It is doing my heart good (as well as my foot,) it will bless your heart too!

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