Walking in an Even Place

This subject of walking has been of special interest to me since I have been “walking for rehabilitation.” Having a problem with lack of feeling in the foot, I have to be very sure that where I am putting the foot is not rough, not slippy and not on too much of a slope as otherwise my foot could not do it, and I would end up on my nose.
Psalm 26 shows the psalmist talking about walking in Integrity v1. Trusting in the Lord, he knew he would not slip because the Lord was leading. Isn”t it true that after we slip in our Christian lives, we think back and realize that our relationship to God had become distant and He was no longer doing the leading?
Verse 3 talks about His Lovingkindness being before our eyes and we therefore walk in His Truth. When we think back to the number of times He has blessed us and the times He has guided us, and we remember that closeness of His guidance and presence, it makes us want to walk closer, to avoid the rough pitfalls by being in his presence.
Verse 7 reminds us of telling of His wondrous works. One of the best ways of remembering what God has done for you, is to recount your story to someone else who wants to know more about God. When we tell it to others, we are blessed by being obedient to the Great Commission as well as reminded of His Love and Care for us through the years. Not many of us are able to just go out and strike up conversations, which immediately become deep theological discussions, but we can all tell our stories, the stories of His Grace and Lovingkindness, and remind others that He will do the same for them, if they trust Him.
Verse 12 reads, “My foot stands in an even place” I understand this verse so much better now. In Christ, no matter what is thrown our way, we will not stumble if our feet have been placed by Him on an even place. When I have to stand for a while, I search out the flattest less rough place I can find and plant my foot on even ground. It is quite amazing how much longer I can stand if these conditions are met. As we live our lives in a relationship with Christ and walk with Him, he takes the rough side of the road and places our feet on even ground.
Therefore as the verse continues, “we can bless the Lord in the congregations.” He gives us that peace that others realize they need and we can lead them to Him. People are looking for security and peace in all kinds of things in this world and many have seen these systems fail. Let us show them, the even place that God has provided for their feet and the peace He has promised for their hearts and minds, not forgetting the hope he has provided for their future.
No wonder David could then continue with Psalm 27 knowing that his feet were on even ground through Grace!

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