Simplifying Things

Thanksgiving is over, third advent Sunday has past with the last approaching fast! Countdown to Christmas and all the hectic that entails has started! How do we prevent ourselves from becoming overstretched in our celebrations?!!
I believe everyone is searching for that answer, but very few find any way to reduce the workload. Even as I think of this blog and realize it is a full two months since I wrote the last one, it makes me realize how busy I have been. Ok, I admit that I have enjoyed the kind of busyness we have at the moment since it involves being with our kids and enjoying our grandkids whom we only get to know in this way every couple of years.
But looking around everything is a flurry of activity for Christmas, unless something happens to stop us flurrying!!! Like an accident, sudden heart attack, death of a friend or even something as simple as snow!!!! This past week we had a stay at home day because of snow. I know many have experienced that kind of day in this winter. In some ways we think we would do so much if we did not have to go out to work, but yet when the opportunity is forced upon me, I somehow flounder and am no longer sure what I should be doing or how best to use my time.
Suddenly, without warning all my plans for the day were shelved and appointments canceled. There was no chance to “pop to the shops” for any forgotten articles for dinner and even though there was plenty to eat at home, it is an unnerving thought that we may run out of something.
Ironically, this happened to me on the same day exactly one year ago, when I ended up in hospital with a broken ankle and many of our plans had to be altered. I figured, I had learnt something over these months about patience and being flexible to the fact that His plans are higher than mine. Yet, when the snow stopped me in my tracks, I realized how quickly I forget the lessons.
As soon as i realized the date, then I began to think on how, at that time, I was able to rest in His care and know I was part of His plan, even if it was not what I had thought would happen. Suddenly, I saw the “enforced free” day from a completely different perspective and it became a good time of organizing and sorting things I seldom get time to do: a time to reflect and think through the events for the holiday period and to arrange appointments.
I saw the day as a respite in a busy schedule and indeed it helped me to see that we do not have to be busy all the time to be effective. The missed things were soon caught up on and our disappointments once again became God”s appointments. Now, I am thankful for the day, happy that the snow did not cause too much chaos, but gave so many people an opportunity for rest, relaxation and a whole lot of fun.
I am trying to keep life simple this year in all areas of life and not to get so caught up that I have no time to appreciate it. I urge that you do the same as you recognize His peace and His timing in the things you do this year. Enjoy the people you are with and reach out to others in need and life will be simpler but more blessed!
Every blessing as we follow His perfect plan for our lives.

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