Nevertheless, However, Even so & Yet!

Some words in the Bible we always remember, while others we often forget
Words like “nevertheless” and “however,” or like “even so” and “yet”!
These words full of grace, mercy and hope, tell us He”s promised far more
In His perfect plan, He has made a way “in spite of what has gone before.”

400 years there was silence from Heaven, for sins that His people had done
Nevertheless, God remembered He said, “One day a Redeemer would come.”
People were waiting, expecting a King, to come to this earth for to reign
However, God chose to send His own Son, to bring back His People again!

He came as a babe, grew into a man. Loved, taught, healed and cared
Even so, He was God, therefore knew of the plan, His Father had prepared
Though He was hailed as the Jewish King, when he rode on the back of an ass
Yet, the promise of God to redeem our souls meant Jesus would die on a cross

In the garden that night, in anguish He asked, was there no other way
Nevertheless, in obedience, was ready to die, the price for our sin to pay
We, who had wandered from God and His Will, deserved to be hung on that tree
However, His death paid the price for us all, that we from sin”s curse can be free.

Peter denied any knowledge of Christ, when asked by a maid on the way
Even so, He was first to run to the tomb, when Christ had arisen that day
Ashamed at the look he”d felt from the Lord, Peter left to fish on the sea
Yet, Jesus forgave him and called Peter forth, His loyal apostle to be.

A Samaritan woman, married five times, despised by most in her town
Nevertheless, after meeting with Christ, made sure His message was known
The prodigal Son, spent all that he had, was hungry, lonely and tired
However, was welcomed home as a son, and not as one who was hired

Saul, met with God, in his great quest to kill, those who would follow our Lord
Even so, as Paul, he built up the church, while penning much of God”s Word
Young Mark, overwhelmed by all he had seen, decided to leave Paul alone
Yet Paul, when in prison, requested his help in getting the needed task done.

We oft feel unworthy, so foolish and frail, yet no one the Lord will refuse!
No matter how little we think we can do, even so, our weakness He”ll use.
However, He won”t leave us just as we are, God fits us for Heaven above.
Nevertheless, as we wait for His Coming one day, we should reach out to others in love.

As one year ends with the future unknown, yet, the best is still to appear
When some days are dark and troubles are many, even so, we need not fear
We wish you His Love and peace for each day, however, you need it the best
No matter what life should bring on the way, you can look for God”s nevertheless!
Wilma Lyttle Christmas 2011

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