Open Doors, Man cannot Shut!

Brother Andrew the Dutchman, who founded Open Doors, to assist the Persecuted church, has given 55 years to the Lord”s work and is still working on! In a recent interview, he said “people can retire from secular work, but not from their calling”.
It was through the reading of his book, “God”s Smuggler” that David was called into this work and I am sure there are many others whose lives have been changed through reading that book. Open doors is now a huge organisation producing literature, sending people to help train pastors, providing for the persecuted, educating children who would not otherwise have any chance of schooling, creating work projects for many hundreds denied jobs because of their faith, etc etc.
It is a wonderful privilege to honor men like Brother Andrew for the work and ministry they have done. He deserves every earthly reward and we know his eternal reward will be massive. However, more and more, as I look at the men whom God has called to do great works for His Church, they tend to be humble men and not to want any praise for themselves. Indeed, the greatest statement in my opinion that Brother Andrew made in that interview, was his reply to being asked how he would like to be remembered.
He said, “When Jesus was carried into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, how many people honoured the donkey? Not one hair of that donkey”s back changed color because Jesus rode on him! They were not interested in the bearer, but in the one who was borne!” Likewise Brother Andrew was the one who carried Jesus to the people and he wanted not to be remembered, but that His Life would have achieved its purpose if His Saviour is remembered and served by others.
Sometimes it makes us feel good to be honoured or praised, but let us never forget the one who we carry to others = Jesus! We would not be where we are if not for Him and I dread to think what we would have turned out like if not for His Salvation! He has said in John 12:32 “I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] unto me.” Carry Jesus to the multitudes around one at a time, uplift Him and your life will be as rewarding as it can be on this earth ‚Äì there is no nobler task!
Brother Andrew says the one regret he has, is that he should have been more radical, done more!! I believe, if we are truly serving the Lord faithfully, the vastness of His love & compassion for mankind will always cause us to wish we had given Him more, been more and done more, yet all He asks is that we are faithful and obedient, giving Him all the Glory!

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