Uncertain Tomorrows

At this time in our lives, many of our friends are facing uncertain tomorrows. Indeed, we all have only today promised and need to treasure each minute, occurrence, memory and event as precious, for the times when things get tough.
Dr H. Wilmington used to tell us that as believers we would either be “just going into a crisis, going through a crisis or coming out of the other side of a crisis” in life and this is generally very true.
But how do we keep things in perspective in our world today? We have the slow, but steady slipping of morals, ethics in our western lands into total and utter oblivion, with everything that is sinful or wrong coming to the fore! It is so bad now that it would be hard for us to even imagine a return to “normal,” when it was two parents of the opposite sex who were bringing up kids, babies were safe in the place provided by God for them to live until birth ‚Äì in their mothers womb, people had jobs which they worked at faithfully to provide enough money to keep their own families and children were obedient and respectful of the parents who brought them into the world!
It is very hard to envisage a world without serious crime on every corner, and the perpetrators are often only kids or teenagers. We as parents have often not been the examples our children needed to see and we reap the results of that fact every day! We only need to look at the lines of people waiting in a dole queue to sign their names every week and spending no part of that week looking for work.
We should take seriously the fact that so many people are committing suicide, unable to face life anymore, even though we may think they have everything to live for.
Looking further into the wars in Israel, Iraq and various other places as well as the removing, killings and persecuting of believers in Syria, Iraq and North Korea [to name but a few], we see that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is under attack in these days. Whether you are just trying to live your life daily for Him in Iraq or refusing to bake a cake with a gay symbol in Belfast, you will be hated and you will be discriminated against, but there is only so long that this can go on!
Death and serious injury has become so much an integral part of everyday life now that we hardly even get upset or excited when tremendous tragedies happen. Therefore we do nothing, and sometimes the only thing we can do is pray, but how often do we even consider that option.
Yes, the days are uncertain, and we are not promised tomorrow, but for those who know the Lord as Saviour we have plenty of work to do. There are people who need the Lord dashing headlong to a lost eternity and we have the “Hope,” we know the One who can give them Hope and we need to share it.
Maybe we will be mocked, laughed at, despised, but so was He. Take another look at Isaiah 53 and be reminded of what He suffered for our sins, for what He did not and could not do!! Lashed and whipped until the flesh hung off His bones!!
We need to “be ready always to give an answer to every man that ask you a reason of the hope that is in you.” The world needs to hear one person at a time!
We can pray and raise prayer awareness for our suffering brothers and sisters in other lands. They need us to be faithful in asking God to undertake for them and to use them in their difficult situations.
We can support those who have taken a stand for moral right and are being punished for it by those who don”t know what it is to have experienced the Grace of a Living God in their hearts and lives!
But we need to be on one side of the fence or the other as having a foot in both worlds has gone on long enough!!!
Jesus is coming soon and He wants to find His Bride [the Church] prepared and ready to meet Him. It could be tomorrow!!

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