Prepared by God for the Task

It never ceases to amaze me, and yet it should not even be a surprise, that God has chosen so many people, like Esther to be in a particular place “for such a time as this.” A place where God could use them most effectively, where He has prepared them in advance for what He has planned, that they could serve Him better and bring Him Glory.

Esther as we know was in the King”s favor at a time when she was able to save her people, the Jews.

And the Apostle Paul – God had him picked out for the task in hand before he was even born. He was born in Tarsus, which although now Eastern Turkey, was then a Greek cityGreece, therefore spoke Greek, but because of Roman occupation, he was a Roman,  who also had Jewish parents, meaning he could speak Hebrew.  Eventually Saul became a Pharisee and one of the foremost persecutors of Christ. He had not only in his upbringing many advantages of learning, but also in his profession, he watched Christians first hand, most likely had much to do with him becoming impressed with their joy, their hope and willingness to follow their Lord at all costs, even if it meant their lives.

When Saul did meet with Jesus on the Damascus Road, it was in Aram, but is today Syria, and then went to Arabia [now Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan], for preparation for the work God had called him to. He, became known as Paul, worked as a tentmaker for his keep, meaning he had the opportunity to meet up with all kinds of people from all walks of life. Isn”t that amazing preparation from birth to carrying out the work he was called to? No wonder the Apostle Paul not only became the founder of churches in Asia Minor and Greece, the leading missionary of the early Christian church, but through the Scriptures, he has had an effect on every believer up till now, and will continue till Jesus comes or calls.

As God prepared people for His work through the ages, He still prepares people for the task today. That is easily seen with some of the great men of God, who have been used down in revivals, to take countries and politicians to task, to stand firm for the cause of Christ against all odds etc.  We firmly believe, that a person given over to the Lord, will be used by Him and given the necessary ability to do what God asks of him.

Very often we may wish we had been born in another time, century, or country, but God places us in exactly the right time for us to be born. He knew us when we were still in our mothers wombs and even before we were conceived! Isn”t that an awesome thought to know He cared about us all the way from eternity till now.

Personally, It is without doubt, that through all the stages which God has brought us, He has guided and led us, taught and prepared us, chiseling often at the bits which were of self, to bring us to the place where we can be “for such a time as this.”¬† From the streets of Belfast, to the countries of Eastern Europe, to the Southern Balkans and eventually to being here in Greece when the refugees began to flow through, we were where He wanted us to be. Through the difficult stages as well as the glorious. We need to remember this when we see others going through difficult times that we wish they didn”t have to go through.

One young missionary girl from France, felt God leading her to learn Arabic as a student, which she did, only to have God call her then to Greece. She could not understand this happening about a year before the refugees began coming. But she came here and made herself useful helping in the church and working with those who could speak, French, English or Arabic. Then it happened and she knew why she was in this place “for such a time as this.” She has been used amazingly reaching many people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and giving them hope for the future.

Many of these men and women, who in these last months have accepted Jesus as Savior are now in the preparation stages of being able to reach out to their own people and seeing them also come to Christ. Peoples, who for so long had never heard the Gospel story are being reached, challenged and converted. God had his plan long before we were born and He will continue to carry out His plan till He has gathered in all His loved ones and Christ comes to take us home.

Place yourself in His hands, allow Him to prepare you and as He leads you through life, you will know that you are here, at His bidding, in His plan and purpose, “for such a time as this! It may not be what you planned, but it will be the perfect plan, to make you the most effective you can be.

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