David and Wilma, with their sons, have been bringing the good news of the Gospel to the people of Central and Eastern Europe for over 30 years. Working as a team, Wilma’s nursing training has been as useful as David’s ability to present the Gospel, and their wide range of experiences have made them much in demand for counseling etc. The Lord has protected them in many wonderful ways during thousands of miles of travel and provided in many seemingly impossible situations. They have delivered many tons of Bibles, Hymnals and quality Christian Literature, along with humanitarian aid and medical supplies where they were needed.

In 1987, it became necessary to set up a trust to manage the affairs of the Lyttles and after prayerful consideration Mizpah Outreach was formed. Our aim is to provide support for this work by keeping Christians in the UK and Ireland informed and interested. We encourage specific prayer while providing supplies for distribution by the Lyttles. Mizpah Outeach is a registered UK charity.

Prayer Letters can be seen regularly on the website and any other necessary information can be obtained by contacting one of the individuals named on that newsletter or by email to the Lyttles themselves.

In the past:
David has been involved in:-
  • • Preaching and teaching
  • • Personal visitation
  • • Evangelism-Literature Outreach
  • • School-Bible teaching and
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Wilma has been involved in:-
  • • Nursing and medical procedures
  • • Radio Ministry
  • • Deaf work
  • • School-office and teaching
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Together they have shared leadership in:-
  • • Teen Camp Ministry (Greece)
  • • Beach Evangelism
  • • Evangelistic Outreach
  • • Relief Ministry (esp. to Croatia and Bosnia, during the war this necessitated direct involvement on the front line and in other areas filled with bitterness, hatred and grief)
  • • Hospitality to the many guests traveling from East to West and West to East.
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At present, the Lyttle’s are concentrating specifically on the Southern Baltic States and the various needs of that very volatile area. The work continues as they attempt to build up the small believing communities and evangelize where most people have never heard the gospel.