Special Days!

This year we have had a very busy program and although that is not unusual, there have been other times when we have tried to set aside time for ourselves for birthdays and anniversaries etc. But this year, it was not looking like there was a chance of having some time around our anniversary, so neither of us were too worried.

However, it turned out we had a day spare. We quickly got ready for our next guests coming the following day and left the house before anything else would steal the time away. It was such a blessing just to have some time alone, time to think, chat, relax and have fun. In all the busyness of life we often forget to appreciate one another and this was an opportunity for that.

More importantly, I thought how often I rush through my time with the Lord, and how seldom I get time to spend at His feet appreciating all He does for me. In my younger years, I often took a day when I saw no one, but spent the time relaxing with my Bible and my Lord. Time to sleep, read, pray and listen! That was not difficult when the work hours were organized for me, but as life went on things got busier and when you are a full-time missionary, there is no official off duty, unless you make it!!!

There are many times of corporate or couple prayer but the time alone is vital more especially that the Lord can speak to us.

This week we feel refreshed and ready for the challenges and I have been reminded once again of the importance of shutting out the world and having time alone. When it was important for Jesus to do come aside and spend time with His Father, what makes us think we do not have to?

I also believe, if we do not do this of our own free-will, it could happen that we are laid aside for awhile that God can get our attention. How often have you heard someone say after an incident when they are unwillingly made to rest, that they had some great times with the Lord or that He had set them there to gain their full attention? We heard that also this past week as a friend of ours has been laid aside and already God has shown him some things he needs to put in order in his life.

As it reminds us in James 4:8, if you “Draw near to God, He will draw near to you.” Do you remember how delighted you are when a loved one draws near to you, wanting to be close to you and spend time with you? These times with God are special days and will be in our memories for a long time to come. They strengthen our faith as they show us God is in control and still working in the hearts of His children.

Take time this week to show those closest to you your appreciation, and you will also feel better for having thought about the things they do for you. But also, take time for God, appreciate Him and actually, you will feel refreshed and relaxed because of the immense blessing the privilege of communion with God affords us.

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