Sea Returns Sunglasses

A number of weeks ago, while swimming, David lost his sunglasses in the sea. Of course, we thought never to see them again! But just last week we went for a walk on the beach and on our return journey the glasses were suddenly washed up at my feet. Perfect and complete!

Although it was no real tragedy to lose these glasses, it was still such fun to actually find them again. This reminded me of the verse in the Bible which says, “Cast your bread upon the waters, for you will find it after many days.” Ecclesiastes 11:1 ‚Ķ.and I got to thinking!!

Launching out for Him ‚Äì This verse means “send out your grain in ships.” Solomon who wrote Ecclesiastes was saying that when you send out the grain, you have to have faith that it reaches its destination and that it will return. He had a lot to do with trade and the merchants could have been gone for many months before returning with their wares, but eventually they did and it was then worth it all.

When we launch out in a venture for the Lord, often we don”t see the fruit of the labor for a long time, maybe never in our lifetime, but He has promised that “His Word will not return to Him void.” Therefore what we do for him and in His Name will “return after many days”.

Trusting Him Completely – It requires faith. Neither the merchant nor the seaman has any control over the outcome. The ship could hit a rock, storm or whatever and the ship and grain could be lost. Solomon had already gone through many experiences which made him think that life was futile and yet after all this hopelessness, he can come out with something as profound as this, believing in returns for their labors.

In the Spiritual sense, even though we hit rocks, go through storms, even become shipwrecked, with Christ as captain, we will get through and He will use even our feeble efforts for His Glory and purposes. What it takes from us is complete faith in the Captain! When going through the storm, it is often we want to give up, but after a storm has past there are some of the most beautiful calm seas and wonderful scenery possible. So it is with our struggles. They are never nice at the time, but they do produce in us perseverance and stronger faith in the ability of our captain and His love for us.

Rejoicing in the Returns. – The ships went out bearing grain, and came back bearing wealth in return for the grain. We can be assured that when we go out with the Word in our weakness, it will return with the wealth of souls and Christ at their helm. It is His job to open the hearts and turn people to Himself, ours is to be faithful in whatever He has asked us to do for Him. But we also get to rejoice in the returns. With the angels in Heaven we can rejoice over each precious soul who finds Him. Then we know it has been worth “Casting our bread on the waters and waiting the many days until it returns.”

If you haven”t seen it happen yet, don”t be discouraged it will! He has promised!

If you haven”t trusted Him, He continues to call and says, “Come unto me, All you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest,”

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