One Year On!

In Loving Memory and with grateful thanks for the life of

Elizabeth Ann (Betty) MacDonald,

died 6th February 2012

One year has passed since Mum was called, to her eternal rest,

Now living with her Saviour, we know she”s fully blessed

Mum left this earth so swiftly, in the blinking of an eye,

She was gone to join our father, we”d no time to say goodbye,

But, we really need no special day, to bring thoughts of Mum to mind.
For a day we don”t long to have a chat, would be very rare to find.

Our thoughts so often go to her, whose place no one can fill.
In life we loved Mum dearly; and in death we love her still.


Yet, we know that those who mean the most, are never really gone.
For in our thoughts and in our hearts, their memory still lives on

Though Death has left us Heartache, which on earth won”t ever heal
Their Love has left a Memory, which none could ever steal.

No space of time or lapse of years, can dim that treasured past.

A loving memory keeps it dear and affection holds it fast

To us, They haven”t gone away, nor have they traveled far,

Just entered God”s eternal home and left the door ajar.

That those of us, who must remain, till it is our time to go

Can go through life and follow the example they did show,

Of loving Jesus first of all, then with true servant hearts

Tell the wonder of eternity, where we”ll never need to part.

This was the poem in the paper in Fort William recently, which we trust it let people know just a little of how life is so very different with out mum. We have just had the birthday celebration of my Grandmother who is 103 years old and although I missed mum so much in the party and all the celebrations, I believe she would have been thrilled at how it was done. It was a very fitting celebration, to honor a lady who needs more courage now to be a very old lady waiting to go home, than she ever did. Life for my grandmother was not easy as she saw the very early death of two husbands and one son, and more recently two more of her children on whom she was quite dependent. Still she faces each day bravely as she keeps her trust and faith in the Lord to bring her to join them all when He comes or calls.

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