Dependence or Despair!!

We have some friends, acquaintances and relatives going through some really tough times at the moment, as i am sure many others do too! It seems there is sickness on every hand, other friends have lost their spouse, foresee the death of their child, involved in divorce, realise they did not wait on God”s choice of a partner, lost their job, have been wronged by another, raped, abused and indeed in many other ways are suffering and needing prayer. Those who are unsaved really do need our definite prayers, as I really don”t know how people face the dreadful things which happen in life without the Saviour to comfort and help them through. What a dark, lonely tunnel that must be!! But how wonderful to know, that even, and maybe especially, when people are in such situations, He is so ready to come to them and give them the comfort and support they are so in need of.
For those who are believers we have that knowledge that everything is in His control and yet we feel the rollercoaster of emotion that goes with the dreaded diagnosis or the sickening reality of what just happened, from one day to the next, knocking the ground from beneath our feet and filling us with fear!!
Turning to the Scripture we read that “we have a high Priest who was tempted in all points just as we are, yet was without sin!” Hebrews 4:15. What a comfort to know that! Have you ever wondered why Jesus did not just come to this world as an adult and suffer and die soon after for our sin? Why did he put Himself through the embarrassment of having his parents scold Him when He was teaching in the synagogue, the temptations of the devil in the wilderness, trudging around dusty streets with no safe place to lay His head, the mocking of the people when he came to raise Jairus daughter, or spoke to Mary Magdalene, the continual hatred shown to him by the Pharisees and Scribes as He taught, the betrayal and abandonment of His disciples whom He had called His Friends? Aside from the curse of Calvary, why did He suffer all the other injustices?
It was for our sakes, that we would be able to trust Him! We can be sure He understands, as He has been this way before us, He was abused, hated, abandoned, tempted, hungry, thirsty, poor, so He knows what we are going through. Even when we think we can no longer hear the voice of God speaking, He understands, after all, He endured God the Father turning His back on Him while he was on the cross!
You wouldn”t go and talk your troubles over with some teenager who had never experienced anything in life, or bring your problems to a class of primary school kids. No, you would seek out someone who had either good knowledge of what you are in need of, or another who had been through the same suffering. That is why we have so many groups set up that they can help each other through bereavement, addictions, divorce, cancer, etc
In Psalm 23, the Shepherd “set a table in the midst of our enemies”. Imagine it, enemies all around and we can sit in peace and feast at His table. This is true peace and is indeed only found in the one who will walk with us “even through the valley of the shadow of death!”
How precious to know that in everything, Jesus empathises with us, as he has passed this way before and conquered! He comforts and carries us and even though we don”t see the entire picture at once, we can safely trust Him for the next step in the journey!! If we allow Him to guide us, He can turn what we have to suffer into something that will bring Glory to His Name!
Christian, pray for your unsaved friend, not only that their physical need will be met, but that they will experience the help that only the Saviour can give to His Children!!!

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