When Jesus Comes!

Recently, a guest in our home asked if we had ever heard the term “Parousia” when referring to Jesus soon return! That got me to thinking of the number of incidences in the Bible where Jesus return is talked about and the few times we now hear that subject preached about in our churches. Yet, if truth be told, “His coming is closer now than it ever was!” The multiplicity of disasters in the world, coupled with the new open opportunities Muslims now have to hear the Gospel, the use of internet etc, all the signs are pointing that way.


There are six Greek words used in the New Testament to signify “Come or coming” and it is unfortunate that in our English translations we can”t differentiate between the meaning of each one. Therefore we do need to look into the background of each word and verse to get the correct meaning, otherwise, it can be really confusing when we try to put it all into place.


If God, through the authors of the New Testament had wanted just to say that Jesus was coming back, they would have used the word Erchomai, which indicates the actual act of coming. “Behold, He comes or “is in the act of coming” with clouds”. Revelation 1:7.

This is the most common Greek word for coming and one we call to others, when we say, “I”m coming!”

The approaching second coming of our Lord Jesus is much more than just an arrival or an appearance, and to stress that fact while showing us the various facets to help our understanding, we have been given a number of descriptive words, depending on the situation being revealed to us.


While the word Parousia is often used to mean Jesus return or second coming, that is not strictly correct. Parousia comes from the Greek root “paremi” which means “to be present.” James 5:7 actually says, “Be patient unto the comingpresence” of the Lord.” This doesn”t denote a second coming but an arrival of someone whose presence is already here, but who has been expected. How much more wonderful is that for us as Believers to realize His Presence has never left us, He is already here, not just absent, and will sometime come again. I Thessalonians 4:13 “He may establish your hearts unblameable in Holiness before God. even our Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints.” Because of His continued presence with us, we can be found blameless when He comes.

This word is used 24 times in the New Testament, signifying that one day, this Lord Jesus, whom we carry in our hearts daily, will manifest Himself before us again.

Epiphaneia is found 6 times in the New Testament and means, “bring to light, to appear, to manifest,” Out of the darkness, at night comes a star which has been there all day, unseen by the naked eye and is manifested suddenly at night”. This word is used to show the Glory, which will be revealed at His Coming, as in Titus 2:13, where it reads, “Looking for that Blessed Hope and the Glorious appearing of the Great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.” But the underlying point is again, that He is already here now and will then be revealed!

Phaneroo means to “render apparent or make manifest,” but doesn”t so much refer to a visible presence but to an apparition or a perception. “When He shall “become apparent”, we shall be like Him!” 1 John 3:2

Heko is a word which indicates “coming to a specific place.” It is used in Revelation 2:25, “Hold Fast till I come to you,” meaning we are to keep the faith and keep on doing, till He comes.

Apokalupsis is the “uncovering or unveiling.” This is the revealing of one who has been veiled from us for some time. That doesn”t mean, He was not with us, but that He was veiled, we couldn”t see Him, although we can know His Presence. When He is revealed, we will be stricken by the wonder of His Glory. Paul used this same word in Galatians 1:11-12, “But I certify, brethren, the Gospel I preached is not of man, for I neither received it of man or was taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ!” It came to Paul [was unveiled to him], by inspiration, when others couldn”t see or understand it!

Some of the words used, have only subtle differences, but when they are all properly understood we do get a much fuller picture. But actually, all these words are only facets of His Coming, and I personally believe the most amazing fact is, that there is no single word to describe just how great it will be when our Saviour returns. He is already present with us, but then will be visibly present. He will come to the specific place we are at, and will be manifest before us in all His Glory. When we see Him, we shall be like Him, will gladly worship Him as every knee bows before Him. It will be like nothing we have ever experienced and more wonderful than can be imagined or described! Not even like going to see royalty or someone famous, as He will know each one of us personally and intimately! How can that even be?

Meantime, we get to enjoy His presence, His help and the assurance that He will Come Again!

But for those who have never heard, or reject His Word, this will be a terrible day!! No longer a day of Grace, but a day of realizing, “It is too late!” Don”t let that be the case! Be ready, for in such an hour as you think not the Son of Man will come” Matthew 24:44





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