Too Good not to Share it!

Recently, David had a fall and hit his nose on the edge of a wooden rail. Ouch, it was a pretty sore bang, but it did save him hitting his face full on and damaging either an eye or a cheekbone. So he told the congregation in the next meeting that, because of his built in crumple zone, his face was saved a lot more damage. They all agreed and had a good laugh with us.
Bu there is a far more serious side to the crumple zone. It was discovered first by the motor company Mercedes and eventually other car manufacturers were told of the discovery and used it in their products. When asked about it, Mercedes said, “Of course we had to share this news as it can save lives and was therefore too good not to share!”
If they had not been willing to share the news, how many more people would have been killed? In fact, only those who owned Mercedes would have had this protection in the event of an accident!
As Christians, we have made a great discovery which saves our lives and our souls. Others from other religions, those with no belief or who have not realised the soul-saving, life-giving power is there, because Jesus died for everyone and wants to have a relationship with us, need to hear our news. It is too good not to share with everyone! I Peter 3:15 ….”Always, be ready to give an answer to everyone who asks a reason for the hope that is in you.”
Share it simply like the Mercedes people did and soon others will be excited and run with the news as well. Don”t save the news only for family and friends, share it with those you meet along the way. Ask the Lord to open up the opportunities and to give you words to say. You have news that will certainly save souls and the earlier people hear it, the earlier it will change and save their lives as well.
If you have not yet trusted in the Lord and asked Him to forgive your sins and save your soul, I encourage you to do it now! I want to share the news with you that you can experience the help of the Lord through life and the assurance of eternal life. Read John chapter 3:16, “God so loved the World that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Tell Jesus you believe in Him, ask Him to forgive your sins and take over the reins of your life. He wants to and He will do it!
That is quite the crumple zone and certainly too good news not to share!!!


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