A huge cost….

..‘Whoever does not forsake all that he has cannot be my disciple’ Luke 14:33

The cost seems too great doesn’t it? How often do feel that way? Ok you say, I don’t mind giving up some things, but everything that I have that is a tall order.

Of course, when we think of what Jesus gave up for us and remind ourselves that He did it freely, it may help us see our needs, rights and all we have pale into insignificance and for at least a moment. But it doesn’t take too long before we are claiming everything back.

I really believe this is a work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, to give us greater devotion to the Lord, causing us to be willing to give Him our all. I know for sure I could not do it, nor would I even want to without His strength.

Taking a long hard look at what I do have, I realise, that which is precious to me was given to me anyway by the Lord Himself. Therefore, what better place to be and what more could I wish for than that the King of Heaven takes care of every person and everything who matter to me. He takes the best care of all that we entrust to Him, so why are we still so reluctant to give him our all?

Noel Grant, an Irish Evangelist, wrote the words of this poem,

‘Go through with God, your vows to pay, Your all upon the altar lay.¬†¬† The Holy Ghost will do the rest, and bring to you God’s very Best’

How true! Everything we entrust Him with is so much better off than if we held onto it tightly ourselves.  As we are willing to open up and let go, it also means we are released from the burdens of worry and concern over our possessions, friends and relations. He cares for the sparrows, and He can do it without our help, although as we are willing to hand over the reigns, He may even allow us to participate in directing the cause, but with him as Head.

May each one of us be ready and willing to yield and let us see the impact our submission will have on the unbelieving world around us.  It seldom happens at once and so often we give then take back. It is a continual process, a step at a time for most of us until we meet Him.

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