Fulfilling the vision!

God gives us a vision, a dream and we think this is it – now we just need to get going on it. But it is not often like that! He sometimes has to shape us to fit the vision and to make us usable for the fulfillment of that vision. Some of that shaping is not easy and requires above all else – patience. Holding on like grim death to the vision He gave us, in spite of every circumstance which seems to oppose the vision we have. If it is a God-given vision, it will be fulfilled. If it is not we have this opportunity to find out as it crumbles under the difficulties.

Why then does He give us the vision before getting us ready to experience it fulfilled? Wouldn”t it be less painful to be prepared and then to have the vision? Not so! As I see it, sometimes, if I did not have the vision, I would be hanging on by the skin of my teeth through the hard times. Sometimes, when things are just not happening, we need the vision to hang on tightly to or we would just give up!

Maybe also we need to learn, that it is His work. He does not need us to do it, He chose us to do it. He gave us the vision, true, but so we can see His Kingdom extended and the Father glorified.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” We need the vision to keep us close to Him. The people He wants us to reach need us to hang onto that vision, as we go out to bring them the Gospel by whatever means.

Keep the vision ever before you, Keep short accounts with God and keep close to Him through it all and He will bring it to pass.

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