Praying and Believing

How often do I ask God to help me or do something for me and then worry that He won”t, or that the answer may not be what I want? If we did that with our earthly relationships the people involved would not have the impression we were putting a lot of trust in them. Yet they are human, and people will let us down at times. But God! He has never let us down and never will! Matthew 7:11 says, “How much more will your Father who is in Heaven, give good things to those who ask Him.” Let us ask in faith and believe He will answer.

As we intercede for others, who are ill, traveling, fearful, or in some other way needy, do we truly believe he will heal, protect and support. He has promised and He will do it. The Holy Spirit can give us the assurance that our prayers have reached the throne. He can give us the “peace that passes understanding” and then we can leave the burdens with the Lord.

This gets especially difficult as we remember to intercede for the unsaved members of our family, whom we have prayed years for, and those whom we see no change in. If we remember that it is not His Will that any should perish, but that all some to a saving knowledge of Himself, we will realize that He is working on our relatives in answer to our prayers. None of our prayers are wasted and none of our tears shed without notice, but oftentimes we run out of patience waiting on His perfect timing.

He has promised that, “Before you call, I will answer,” so we need to rest in the fact that He has already the answer on the way and be patient to wait for it.

I Thessalonians 5:17, says, “Pray without ceasing.” He wants us to pray and talk to Him and has promised to answer, so what would hinder us. With the Psalmist in Psalm 37:5 we can, “Commit your way unto the Lord and He will bring it to pass.” If God is the greatest factor in our prayers, we will pray for the things He lays on our hearts and will know with assurance that He has answered in the best possible way.

Today David went to help an old man with a job he needed done in his house. Afterward the old man said, “You have no idea how special it is for me to know when I call you, you will come and sort out the problem.” ¬†He believed David would help him and do what was needed. Let us in simple faith trust the Lord to answer our prayers and intercessions.

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