His Word, The Bread of Life!

Recently, when passing on Christian tracts for outreach work, I was impressed by the differing reactions of believers and non- believers to God”s Word. There were many boxes to be moved and with some people, I could sense that they thought this a lot of work. There are actually even believers who do not see the effectiveness of putting a piece of God”s Word into someone else”s hand and giving them the opportunity to read it for themselves. These people seem to think god only speaks through the personal witness of a believer. True, He does speak that way and we are often the Bible the world will read and look to for direction to God.

The reaction of others was that they could not wait to hand the portions of God”s Word out to their friends. They were stuffing handfuls into pockets and handbags ready to give out and praising God they now had this opportunity. One lady was even giving them out before she left us. These are the people who are longing to share the Word with others, who realize that god gave His Word to us and in it is the power to save. God”s Word is His Inspired Word and leads people to Himself and to make their eternal destiny sure.

The unsaved who were receiving the tracts and booklets were not English speaking and they were very keen to get the literature. They are keen to know about this God, some from an intellectual point of view and others from the realization of a spiritual need. Whatever the reason god can work through His word and when human voice is silent He can bring the remembrance to the hearts of the hungry and lead them to Himself. We were thanked so much by believers and unsaved alike for bringing them God”s Word and it is a humbling feeling to be thanked for doing something so elementary for folks. We were not providing them with food, clothing or money and all of these things are greatly needed, but with God”s Word and yet you would have thought we had brought them bread. What a privilege to bring the Bread of Life to those who need it!

I wonder how much we appreciate all the books we have to help us in our Christian lives. Not just the Bible, but all the commentaries, dictionaries and other books explaining the Word to us. After David preached last Saturday, one lady who has been a believer for many years, asked him if the information he passed on was inspired upon him or were there actually books to help in study of the Bible. She is an ardent witness for the Lord but has never in her life seen a Bible commentary as there are none available in her language. Let us appreciate the guidebook He has given for our lives.

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