A “Lyttle” Update for those wondering where and how we are:

According to our plans, today, should have seen us leaving N. Ireland for our English deputation meetings, followed by Scotland in late April/early May, but Corona virus restrictions have changed the “best laid plans of mice and men.”

We are well, under lockdown restrictions, like everyone else here in N. Ireland, and very thankful to be allowed to stay on in this apartment at least for the foreseeable future.

Our last meeting in N. Ireland was conducted through Zoom, where we were joined by the members of the fellowship over the computer. A totally new experience for us and for David especially to have to speak that way. But, it has been amazing to see how churches are using technology to get the message of the Hope of the Gospel out to people during these difficult times. For us, it is a feast of sermons which we can listen to at any time of the day or even night. We are so very grateful to the techy people who set these things up for their congregations, and to pastors/musicians who are doing this service for all of us. We trust too, that not only would believers be helped and comforted through these sermons, but that many who would not normally attend church services, will be challenged, converted, comforted and helped in these days. Psalm 91, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 26:20, Colossians 1:9-20, are all good passages to rebuke, encourage and bless us, as we immerse ourselves in Scripture and prayer.

Our 40″ container is waiting to be filled, but at the moment we cant do any loading. Those of you collecting clothing, toiletries etc. to send to the refugees, don”t worry, it will happen ‚Äì Later!!! Thank you for your willingness to help in this way!

Meanwhile, be sensible, obey the rules and do your best to stay healthy! Remember if you belong to Jesus, you don”t have to fear, He will never leave you. God is still Sovereign and He is still on the Throne. Remembering this will keep things in perspective, even when or especially when, we don”t know what”s ahead. We should use this time of restriction, for rest, reflection, repentance, recommitment and come out of it, more ready and better prepared to serve our Saviour and Lord in this broken world, until He comes or calls!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support of Mizpah Outreach and the work of the Lord in Greece and North Macedonia. Please continue to remember the refugees in even more dire straits, due to most NGO”s being at home for their own safety. David & Wilma

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